A Progress Report to the Friends of Andy


Dear Friends of Andy:


Appreciating the Friends of Andy

I would like to take this Thanksgiving holiday to thank all of you for your sustained support. I would especially like to thank my chief-of-staff Karen D. Kinnison for her actions above and beyond the call of duty these past 12 months. Running for President is a difficult path to tread, and without the true friendship and hard work of Karen, this candidacy would have hung up its hiking boots long ago. Karen, I am eternally grateful. In this letter, I would like to survey the ground laid out and plot some compass headings for my journey to the White House, giving a status report, especially, to those Friends of Andy who have already donated their time, energy, talents, and money to making Andy2016 the bold and independent candidacy for President that it is destined to be. We can win this race. Now is the time to coordinate our efforts to take back America.

Filing My Candidacy with the FEC

My candidacy, first announced informally on talk radio’s Coast to Coast AM in 2011, is now properly filed with the Federal Election Commission [FEC]. As required by federal law, I have filed my Statement of Organization citing my intent to seek the office of President of the United States in 2016 and my Financial Disclosure. My campaign has also reported to the FEC the donations we took in during the pre-filing grace period allowed by law. As a consequence of this development, I am free to seek donations both through advertising to the general public and in other ways, such as when I appear on TV and radio shows. I am also now free to not only invite members of the general public to donate to Andy2016 but ask them to urge others to do so. Please invite your friends, family members, colleagues, and fellow churchgoers to join this great cause. Together, we can restore our great Republic.

Launching My Campaign Website

Recently, my campaign website was launched. We now exist online at andy2016.com, andy2016.net, and andy2016.org. We are using the “Agile” approach of building the website over time by adding new elements as they are completed. Thus far, we have established the web design, Word Press feature, and Home, Messages, and Donate web pages. In the near future, other webpages will be added, including: About, containing my Biography, Timeline, and Photographs; Agenda, stating my 100 Proposals; Media, with links to my Videos, Audios, Books, and Speeches; News, consisting of Breaking news, campaign Salvos, my Facebook links, and my Twitter feed; Events, replete with a Calendar of my upcoming Live and Media appearances; Campaign, having a Donate button, an I’m In feature, the Gift Shop offering campaign merchandise, and a Contact Us option. A website this robust will enable us to compete head-to-head with the other candidates.

Taking My Official Campaign Portrait

The campaign website is all about branding me as a candidate. Our early focus groups revealed that American voters want their President to “look Presidential.” To this end, we decided to take an Official Campaign Portrait to show voters just how Presidential I look. The President is, after all, America’s drum major at home and its chief diplomat abroad. We decided to search for a photographer who has taken the official portraits of executives of major American corporations. We found Ken Beebe, whose many subjects have included leaders of Bank of America. We hope that you are as pleased with the photographic result as we are. Ken rocks!

Establishing the Goals of My Campaign

Federal filing, a campaign website, an official portrait – these are just devices to put before the American people a bold and independent vision for America. When I investigated past campaigns for President, I discovered that few candidates have ever run for America’s highest office on the basis of an actual Plan for the country. This is highly inappropriate in light of the fact that so much power is vested in their President by the American people. The very least a candidate can do is tell the American people in advance what he or she plans to do to govern the country if elected President. I plan to do better. I will present an actual plan. My plan – what I call my New Agenda for a New America – is embodied in my 100 Proposals. These will be posted soon on the campaign website. They will comprise 100 aspirations in three critical areas of public policy: firstly, the people’s yearning for a government predicated on Truth; secondly, their demand for a government that seeks Reform; and lastly, a government that fosters America’s capacity for Innovation. At Andy2016, Truth, Reform, and Innovation are our watchwords. They are the reasons I am running for President. My 100 Proposals will first be presented in text form on the campaign website. As more donations begin to flow into the campaign, each proposal will then be presented at greater length in YouTube videos of one to five minutes in length that we have decided to call Presidential Minutes, patterned after the Bicentennial Minutes of 1976 fame. If one cannot explain a proposal in five minutes, it is probably not a proposal that one should advocate. My goal in framing my 100 Proposals will be to put the finger of my Presidency on the pulse of the American people. I believe that a New Majority is forming in America, one that has not yet been defined by political scientists, that is not readily expressed in either liberal or conservative doctrine, and that is ill-served by the Democratic and Republican parties. In fact, one of my proposals when elected will be to put before the American people a plebiscite to end political control by the two major parties and enable the American people to govern themselves based on representation by independent individuals.

Running as an Independent Candidate

To this end, I will not seek nor shall I accept the Democratic or Republican nominations for President. In my view, the two major parties are the chief impediment to government in our country based on Truth, Reform, and Innovation – a government that is as Honest, Just and Ingenious as the American people. I am running as an Independent candidate for President, and shall remain so during the duration of the Presidential election of 2016.

Running as a Write-in Candidate

The United States Constitution imposes only three qualifications for serving as President of the United States. At Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5, it requires that the candidate be a “natural born citizen” (which under the Vattel standards meant “born in the country of two parents who were themselves citizens”), having reached 35 years of age, who has resided in the United States for 14 years. Nowhere does it require that one own or have ready access to borrowing $5 million. But when Andy2016 investigated access to the 2016 Presidential ballot nationally, that is what we found. Acquiring ballot access in the 50 states now requires approximately $5 million. The current national scheme of ballot access, influenced if not controlled by the two major parties, is patently unconstitutional and but a monetary measure of the corruption of Presidential politics today. In 2008 and 2012, as is expected again in 2016, the two candidates nominated by the two major parties each spent $1 billion seeking the Presidency. This is a public disgrace to a country that in declaring its independence announced its national ethos to be “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” In a world of falsehood, only the truth abides. Andy2016 invites you to partake with us in a grand political experiment. Let us for the first time elect as President a candidate who has waged a write-in candidacy. I am running as a write-in candidate for President. Let us use my candidacy to disgrace the two major parties with a gusto equal to the disdain by which they disgrace us. Let us achieve, in 2016, a victory of public right over monetary might. Fortunately, fully 43 of the 50 states permit write-in votes to be cast, and the seven states that do not – Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, Oklahoma, and South Dakota – have such small populations that they yield few electoral votes. Let us use my write-in candidacy in 2016 to hand a historic defeat to the two major parties and their corrupt candidates.

Seizing the Historical Moment

One of my personal heroes, Dr. Martin Luther King once addressed the moral urgency of the Civil Rights Movement with the phrase “Now is the time!” So it is today, when we consider the Truth Movement and the urgent moral necessity to re-establish an open, reformist, creative government in America. Now is the time – to elect a President who leads an Administration that is as truth-based as the American people are honest, as reform-oriented as the American people are just, and as innovative as the American people are ingenious. Now is the time – to throw off the partisan chains that constrain us, to reclaim our destiny as a self-governing people, and to take back America from wealthy elites on behalf of the American people and their interests. Now is the time – to enshrine truth as the operating principle of the American government, to answer the demands of the American people for restored liberty, and to unleash the genius of the American people so as to confront the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century. Then, as now, as Dr. King asked, “If not now, when? If not us, who?”

– Andrew D. Basiago, candidate for President of the United States

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