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Your donation to a Presidential campaign is now more important than ever. The year 2020 will mark the era that the American people will vote to end the rule of a self-serving elite in favor of a new government dedicated to truly serving the people of this great nation. If there were ever a moment to contribute to a political campaign, or to volunteer to help elect a President, now is the time.

The contribution limit per American adult is $2,700. Whatever amount you are able to contribute, Andy2016 appreciates every dollar that you donate to this campaign. We also need volunteers throughout the country and we’ll soon add a page to the website listing the types of volunteers that we need and how to sign up.

If you’ve followed Andrew D. Basiago’s Truth Campaign over the past ten years, then you know that our country is in serious jeopardy and the future is at stake. The revolution starts right here, right now. Every one of us must do our part.  We are competing against campaigns that expect to see a billion dollars in donations. Having only a small fraction of their budgets, we pledge that every dollar donated to Andy 2020 will be spent wisely.

As this candidacy grows, the campaign website will continue to expand. This website will be the hub of campaign news and activities, so know that you can continue to look here as your window to the campaign. On behalf of Andrew D. Basiago, the campaign committee, and the cause of truth in government, thank you for your support.

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Committee to Elect Andrew D. Basiago
5806 Prosperity Church Road, Suite A2 – 144
Charlotte, NC 28269

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